Megha G
Megha Garg
Research Associate


  • M.Sc.(Maths with Computer Sciences), M.Tech.(ICT) specialization in Intelligent Systems and Robotics


  • Structural and functional genomics of potato and its pest / pathogen using bioinformatics approaches.

Research Interest

  • Machine Learning, Web Semantics, Information Extraction


  • Megha Garg, Bhaskar Sinha, Somnath Chandra, “Semi-Automatic RDFization of Hindi Agricultural words using IndoWordNet” in “Third International Conference on Advances in Computing, Communications and Informatics-2014 (NLP’14)” held on 24-27 September, 2014.
  • Bhaskar Sinha, Somnath Chandra, Megha Garg, “Development of Ontology from Indian Agricultural E-Governance Data Using IndoWordNet: A Semantic Web Approach” in “Journal of Knowledge Management, Emerald Publications”, February, 2015
  • Megha Garg, Bhaskar Sinha, Somnath Chandra, “Identification of Relations from IndoWordNet for Indian Languages using Support Vector Machine” in “Conference on Computing and Network Communications (CoCoNet'15)” held on 16-19 December 2015 in Trivandrum, India
  • Bhaskar Sinha, Megha Garg, Somnath Chandra, “Identification and Classification of Relations for Indian Languages using Machine Learning Approaches for Developing a Domain Specific Ontology” in “International Conference on Computational Techniques in Information and Communication Technologies (ICCTICT)” held on 11th - 13th March 2016, in New Delhi, India.

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