Software for Survey Sample Selection (S4)
       A Web Based Software for Survey Sample Selection for Multistage Sampling  

A web based software for sample selection from the target population has been developed which implements selection methodology at every stage for stratified multi-stage random sampling which is common sample selection procedure across surveys. It provides both equal and unequal probability based random sample selection methods.

This web based software is useful for social scientists including survey statisticians for conducting sample surveys. With the advancement in web technology and availability of enhanced bandwidth, implementing this web application for sample selection, accessible to all user is a reality.

This software implements standard procedures for selecting sampling units from fixed population. It is capable of selecting sample up to stratified three stage sampling designs. The sampling units are selected on the basis of equal or unequal probabilities at each stages of selection. Equal probability based selection methods include Simple Random Sampling With Replacement (SRSWR), Simple Random Sampling Without Replacement (SRSWOR), Systematic Sampling, Cluster Sampling etc., whereas, unequal probability based selection includes Probability Proportional to Size With Replacement (PPSWR).

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Tuesday, July, 17, 2018

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