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This web server is developed for the prediction of donor splice sites in eukaryotic species. It is based on all possible first order di-nucleotide dependencies that exist in the signal region at the exon-intron boundary. Currently, this server can be utilized for the prediction of donor splice sites of human, however, in the near future, this will be updated with other eukaryotic species.

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Team: Prabina Kumar Meher, Tanmaya Kumar Sahu, A. R. Rao and S. D. Wahi

Technical Support: Mr Jai Bhagwan

Contact: meherprabin@yahoo.com, pkmeher@iasri.res.in

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Meher, P. K., Sahu, T. K., Rao, A. R., & Wahi, S. D. (2014). A statistical approach for 5′ splice site prediction using short sequence motifs and without encoding sequence data. BMC Bioinformatics, 15(1), 1-14.

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