Software for Survey Data Analysis
SSDA 2.0
       Web based Software for Survey Data Analysis 2.0  

Software for Survey Data has been developed by Centre for Agricultural Bioinformatics (CABin), IASRI.

This is an online application for the analysis of complex survey data. With the advancement in web technology and availability of enhanced bandwidth these days, it is desirable to make available the analysis of survey data on the web and to do the analysis at very low cost requirements. This web-based application is based on the client-server architecture and requires only an internet browser to run. It can be installed or deployed on a web server. It is anticipated that this software for survey data analysis would  reach every corner of the globe.

SSDA 2.0 is a web based user friendly Software for Survey Data Analysis indigenously developed at IASRI. This software  estimates the population parameters based on the sampling data collected using the important common sampling designs like simple random sampling – with or without replacement, systematic and probability proportional to size (PPS).

SSDA has a module for imputation of missing values using mean, zero and mean of neighbouring units methods. It has a user friendly data management module for importing data from text and excel formats. SSDA2.0 is designed and developed to be used by survey statisticians for analysis of survey data, by academicians and teachers for the demonstration of survey data analysis methods and user requiring analyzing their data collected using various sampling designs.

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Tuesday, July, 17, 2018

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SSDA 2.0

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