Dr. Bharati Pandey

Research Interest

  • Bioinformatics & Computational Biology
  • Computational Genomics & Molecular Evolution
  • Computational Structural Biology

Important Projects

  • DBT Women Scientist Project under the BioCARe scheme under Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India
  • Dr. D. S. Kothari Postdoctoral Fellowship, University Grants Commission (UGC), Government of India

Awards and Honors

  • Jeanie Borlaug Laube Women in Triticum (WIT) Early Career Award 2020.

  • Received Saraswat honour in field of science by Akhil Bhartiya Saraswat Parishad 2019
  • Received the Best Poster award in International Conference on “Molecular medicine” (MOLMED-2019), CHARUSAT, Changa, Gujarat, India, September 25 -27, 2019.

  • Selected for Leadership Development for Women Scientists Training from India organized by Borlaug Global Rust Initiative (2018).

  • International travel grant by Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB), Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of INDIA for presenting research work in 13th International Wheat Genetics Symposium in Tulln, Austria, April 23-28, 2017.

  • Received Ist prize for Innovative Idea (Agriculture) in First BRICS and EAEU International Youth Forum on Science and Innovation from 27-31 October, 2015 in Moscow, Russia.

  • Facilitated for Best Innovative Research Idea at Indian Institute of Wheat and Barley Research on 9th Sep 2013 by Padma Bhushan Awardee Prof. R. B. Singh, Ex-President, National Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

  • CSIR-JRF: AIR-69 (Life Sciences)

Important Publications

  • Pandey, B, Aarthy, M., Sharma, M., Singh, S.K. and Kumar, V., 2020. Computational analysis identifies druggable mutations in human rBAT mediated Cystinuria. Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics, pp.1-10.

  • Pandey, B, Tyagi, C., Prajapati, G.K., Mishra, A.K., Hashem, A., Alqarawi, A.A., Abd_Allah, E.F. and Mohanta, T.K., 2020. Analysis of mutations of defensin protein using accelerated molecular dynamics simulations. PloS one, 15(11), p.e0241679.

  • Prajapati, G.K., Pandey, B, Mishra, A.K., Baek, K.H. and Pandey, D.M., 2019. Identification of GCC-box and TCC-box motifs in the promoters of differentially expressed genes in rice (Oryza sativa L.): Experimental and computational approaches. PloS one, 14(4), p.e0214964. *equal contribution.

  • Sharma, P., Shefali, Pandey, B, Muthusamy, S.K., Kumar, S., Saharan, M.S., Kumar, S., Singroha, G., Sharma, I. and Singh, G.P., 2018. Development and validation of microsatellite markers for Karnal bunt (Tilletia indica) and loose smut (Ustilago segetum tritici) of wheat from related fungal species. Journal of Phytopathology, 166(10), pp.729-738.

  • Pandey, B, Grover, A. and Sharma, P., 2018. Molecular dynamics simulations revealed structural differences among WRKY domain-DNA interaction in barley (Hordeum vulgare). BMC genomics, 19(1), pp.1-16.

  • Pandey, B, Grover, S., Goyal, S., Kumari, A., Singh, A., Jamal, S., Kaur, J. and Grover, A., 2018. Alanine mutation of the catalytic sites of Pantothenate Synthetase causes distinct conformational changes in the ATP binding region. Scientific reports, 8(1), pp.1-13.

  • Pandey, B, and Sharma, P., 2018. Structural insights into impact of Y134F mutation and discovery of novel fungicidal compounds against CYP51 in Puccinia triticina. Journal of cellular biochemistry, 119(3), pp.2588-2603.

  • Pandey, B, Saini, M. and Sharma, P., 2016. Molecular phylogenetic and sequence variation analysis of dimeric α-amylase inhibitor genes in wheat and its wild relative species. Plant Gene, 6, pp.48-58.

  • Pandey, B, Sharma, P., Tyagi, C., Goyal, S., Grover, A. and Sharma, I., 2016. Structural modeling and molecular simulation analysis of HvAP2/EREBP from barley. Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics, 34(6), pp.1159-1175.

  • Pandey, B, Kaur, A., Gupta, O.P., Sharma, I. and Sharma, P., 2015. Identification of HSP20 gene family in wheat and barley and their differential expression profiling under heat stress. Applied biochemistry and biotechnology, 175(5), pp.2427-2446.

  • Pandey, B, Gupta, O.P., Pandey, D.M., Sharma, I. and Sharma, P., 2013. Identification of new stress-induced microRNA and their targets in wheat using computational approach. Plant signaling & behavior, 8(5), p.e23932.

Database Developed

  • Indian Wheat Database-Singh M, Arora D, Pandey, B and Rana B, 2013- Relational database for released Indian wheat varieties for various fields comprising yield, adaptability, quality, physiological and biochemical parameters has been created for efficient storage and retrieval.

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