Senior Research Fellow (SRF)

Sonam Sonam Gaba
Project:Potential Gene Mining from salt tolerant grasses for improvement of salt tolerance in crops
Area of Interest:Genomics, NGS analysis, Transcriptomics, Metagenomics
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shivangi Shivangi Varshney
Project: Network Project on “Agricultural Bioinformatics and Computational Biology”.
Area of Interest: NGS Data Analysis,Computer Aided Drug-Design, Database management System
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Vikas d Vikas Dahiya
Project:Network Project on “Agricultural Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
Area of Interest: MicroRNA
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jaya Jaya Pandey
Project:Elucidating the mechanism of pashmina fiber development: An OMICS approach
Area of Interest: NGS data analysis, Web Scripting, Database , development
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Vikas Punia Vikas Punia
Project: Network Project on "Centre for Agricultural Bioinformatics (CABin) Scheme".
Area of Interest: System Administration
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Mustafa Raza Mustafa Raza
Project: Network Project on “Agricultural Bioinformatics and Computational Biology"
Area of Interest:Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data analysis,Genomics.
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Neeraj Dha Neeraj Kumar
Project: Whole Genome Sequencing and Development of Allied Genomics Resources in two Commercially Important Fish-Labeo rohita and Clarius batrachus.
Area of Interest:Insilico SNP mining
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Sunita Yadav Dr. Sunita Yadav
Project:Network Project for Agricultural Bioinformatics and Computational Biology under CABin Scheme.
Area of Interest:Computaional Biology
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Animesh Kumar Animesh kumar
Project: Phenomics of Moisture Deficit Stress Tolerance and Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Rice and Wheat – Phase II
Area of Interest:Bioinformatics
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