Sl. No. Name of the Database Detail
1. PiPeMicroDb: Pigeonpea MicroSatellite Database
2. TomSatDB: Tomato MicroSatellite International Database
3. BuffSatDb: Buffalo Microsatellite International Database
4. HProtDB (Halophile Protein International Database
5. SBMDb (Sugarbeet MicroSatellite International Database) sbmdb/
6. BanSatDB (Banana MicroSatellite International Database
7. StressMicrobesInfo International Microbial Database
8. PmdTDb: A Web Genomic Resource of Pearl millet
9. TaSSRDb: Wheat Microsatellite Database
10. MiSNPDb: A Web Genomic Resource of Mango (
11. The Onion Genomic Resource (OGR)
12. BGIS: Buffalo Genome Information System
13. EDIL: Epigenetic Database in Livestock
14. Database on core collection of germplasm of rice
15. Transcriptome Database on camel, goat and bacterial species
16. SpliceStore: An online database having all the donor and acceptor splice sites of annotated genes of rice genome
17. VigSatDb: Vigna sp. Insilico and validated microsatellite database
18. SCMVTDb: Small Cardamom Mosaic Virus Transcriptome Data
19. VmTDb: Vigna mungo Transcriptome Database
20. WDRoTdb: Wheat Drought Root Transcriptome Database
21. Levidb: genomics of Viruses: Legume Crops
22. LrSATDb: A transcriptome database of seasonality associated genes in carp fish, Labeo rohita (rohu)
23. CnTDB: Transcriptomic Database and Web Portal for Coconut
24. FungSatDB: Microsatellite extraction platform for fungal species
25. SNPRBb: Trait specific SNP Resources of Bubalus bubalis
26. CbLncRNAdb: Cluster Bean LncRNA Database
27. GinMicrosatDb: Genome-Wide Microsatellite Markers Database
28. Gis-Rice
29. CerealESTDb
30. ParkRoxTDB
32. Millet SSR Database
33. LncR-CsExSLDb
35. PMDlncRDB
36. EqSNPDb
38. TpGBNVDb
39. BlackP2MSATdb
40. BrassicaSatDB
41. BSCM2TDb
42. PlantSSRDb
43. BtChiLCVDb
44. SmCarTDB
45. FungSatDB: Fungal Genomic Resources
46. CsExSLDb: Transcriptome based Cucumis sativus Extended Shelf Life Database
47. LrSATDb: A transcriptome database of seasonality associated genes in carp fish, Labeo rohita
48. BufAMPpred: A deep learning-based AMP prediction server
49. BufAMPdb: A database for buffalo species specific AMPs and non-AMPs
50. BPepAMP: Black Peppar Antimicrobial Peptides Prediction Server
51. BPepAMPdb: Whole genome based BlackPepper antimicrobial peptides database
52. Black pepper lncRNA web resource development
53. MbGeR: A genome resource
54. Microsatellite based Horse Breed Prediction
55. Equine CNVs database (EqCNVdb)
56. Bp2SSRdb: Black pepper polymorphic SSR database
57. BpVarDB: Black pepper variants database
58. AVR-AgDb: Antiviral Agricultural Database

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