Completed Funded Projects

Sl. No. Name of the Project Funding Agency Project Leader* and Associates
1. Development of 16s rDNA rumen microbes specific database. CABin Scheme ICAR-IASRI: Dr.U.B. Angadi*
NIANP: M. Bagath, Atul Kolte  
2. Refinement of livestock feed resources and development of Database and information system. CABin Scheme ICAR-IASRI: U.B. Angadi* Soumitra Jash, S. Anandan
3. Genomic data analysis for identification of economically important markers and viral diagnostics in pulses. CABin Scheme ICAR-IASRI:Dr.Dinesh Kumar, Sarika, U. B. Angadi, M. A. Iquebal
IIPR, Kanpur: Abhishek Bohra, Khela Ram Soren, Mohd. Akram,
4. Molecular and computational approach to delineate metabolic pathways for better carbohydrate utilization in Labeo spp. CABin Scheme ICAR-IASRI: Dr.Sarika, Dr.Dinesh Kumar,Dr. M. A. Iquebal,Dr. U. B. Angadi
CIFA, Bhubaneshwar: J. K. Sundaray, S. Nandi, P. K. Mehar, L. Sahoo, Kiran D. Rasal, P. Nandanpawar,  U. K. Udit,
5. Computational approach for harnessing genome information and its integration with wheat phenome for efficient varietal development. CABin Scheme IIWBR, Kernal: Ratan Tiwari, Pradeep Sharma, Rajender Singh,
ICAR-IASRI: Dinesh Kumar, M. A. Iquebal, Sarika, U. B. Angadi
6. Mining and validation of candidate gene markers and screening on antimicrobial peptides of black pepper and small cardamom. CABin Scheme ICAR-IASRI: U. B. Angadi, Dinesh Kumar, M. A. Iquebal, Sarika
ICAR-IISR: Johnson George K, P.Umadevi, PI, Saji K.V. Sharon Aravind
7. Computational identification and modelling of genetic variation in relation to performance traits in buffaloes. CABin Scheme ICAR-IASRI: D.C. Mishra* , A. R. Rao, K.K. Chaturvedi
CIRB: Varij Nayan , K P Singh, S S Paul, A Jerome, S Balhara
8. Microbial domain research projects on computational aspects. CABin Scheme ICAR-IASRI: Sanjeev Kumar , K.K. Chaturvedi, M. S. Farooqi
9. RiceMetaSys: Understanding rice gene network for blast resistance and drought tolerance through system biology approach. CABin Scheme Amol kumar U. Solanke*,T.R. Sharma, Amitha S.V. Mithra, Ramawatar
K.K. Chaturvedi, D. C. Mishra,
10. Bioinformatics analysis of sequence data of brinjal and bitter gourd for identification of functional and regulatory genes for traits of economic importance. CABin Scheme ICAR-IASRI: Grover, S. B. Lal
ICAR-NBPGR: K.V. Bhat, Soma S. Marla, A.B. Gaikwad, S. Archak, D.P. Wankhede,
11. Development of database on SNPs associated with economically important traits of Indian goats. CABin Scheme CAR-IASRI: A.R.Rao
ICAR-CIRG: R.V.S. Pawaiya*,
12. Development of database repertoire for Clostridium perfiringens strains prevalent in causing Enterotoxaemia in goats. CABin Scheme ICAR-IASRI: A.R.Rao
ICAR-CIRG: R.V.S. Pawaiya
13. Metagenomic applications and transcriptomes profiling for inland aquatic environmental health surveillance. CABin Scheme ICAR-IASRI:A.R.Rao
CIFRI Barrackpore: B.K.Behera
14. Gene Regulatory Networks Modelling For Heat Stress Responses of Source and Sink for Development of Climate Smart Wheat . CABin Scheme CAR-IASRI: D. C. Mishra, M. Grover, Sanjeev Kumar, K. K. Chaturvedi,
ICAR-IARI: Suneha Goswami , G P Singh ,P K Singh, Neelu Jain, Puja Rai
15. Exploring Gene Regulatory Networks involved in Heat Stress Responses of Source and Sink for Development of Climate Smart Wheat (In collaboration with ICAR-IARI, New Delhi) CABin Scheme ICAR-IASRI: Dr.C.V*, Dr.Ranjeet R.Kumar, Dr.D.C.Mishra, Dr.Monendra Grover, Dr.K.K.Chaturvedi,
16. Modeling Network of Gene Responses to Abiotic Stress in Rice.
National Fund for Basic, Strategic and Frontier Application Research in Agriculture (NFBSFARA), New Delhi. ICAR-IASRI: Sanjeev Kumar*, Anil Rai, Dinesh Kumar, S.B. Lal, D.C. Mishra,
17. Whole Genome sequencing and development of Allied genomic research in two commercially important Fish- Labeo rohita and Clarias batrachus. 
Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India ICAR-IASRI: Dinesh Kumar*, Sarika, M. A. Iquebal,
ICAR-NBFGR: N.S. Nagpure, B. Kushwaha, Ravindra Kumar
ICAR-CIFA :P. Das, P. Jayasankar, L. Sahoo,Joshi, P.G. Koringa AAU
18. Whole genome based SNP mining and development of breed signatures for dairy and dual-purpose indigenous cattle.
Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India. ICAR-IASRI: M. A. Iquebal*, Dinesh Kumar
NBAGR: S. K. Dixit, S. Jayakumar
ICAR-NDRI: A. K. Dang, Avtar Singh
19. ICAR-Network Project on Transgenic in crops (NPTC). ICAR-Indian Council of Agricultural Research ICAR-IASRI: M. A. Iquebal*, Sarika, Dinesh Kumar, Anil Rai
20. Elucidating the mechanism of Pashmina fibre development: An OMICS approach. National Agricultural Science Fund (NASF) ICAR-IASRI:A.R.Rao, and P.K.Meher
NDRI: Nazir A Ganai,
21. Transcriptome and proteome analysis for identification of candidate genes responsible for pistillate nature in castor. Extramural funded under Crop Sciences Division ICAR-IASRI : M. A. Iquebal
22. Risk Asessment and Insurance Products for Agriculture National Agricultural Innovation Project (NAIP) ICAR-IASRI: Anil Rai*, P.K. Malhotra, K.K. Chaturvedi, V. Ramasubramanian
ICAR-NCAP: P.K. Joshi, B.C. Barah
23. Establishment of National Agricultural Bioinformatics Grid in ICAR National Agricultural Innovation Project (NAIP) ICAR-IASRI: Dr.Anil Rai*, Dr.Dinesh Kumar,Dr. A.R. Rao,Dr. S.B. Lal,Dr. K.K. Chaturvedi,Dr. Anu Sharma,Dr. Md. Samir Farooqi, Seema Jaggi, Hukum Chandra, Sanjeev Kumar, Dr.Sarika,Dr. M.A. Iquebal
24. Bioprospecting of Genes and Allele Frequency for Abiotic Stress Tolerance National Agricultural Innovation Project (NAIP) ICAR-NRCPB: Dr.N.K. Singh ICAR-IASRI: Dr.A.R. Rao*, Sudeep, S.D. Wahi
25. Whole Genome Association (WGA) Analysis in Common Complex Diseases: An Indian Initiative. DBT- Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India UDSC, New Delhi: B.K. Thelma
NII, New Delhi: Ramesh C. Juyal
DU- Delhi: Sanjay Jain
AIIMS, New Delhi: Ashok Kumar
DMC, Ludhiana: Dr.Ajit Sood
ICAR-IASRI: Dr. A.R. Rao*, S.D. Wahi
26. Buffalo Genome Information Resource. DBT- Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India ICAR-NDRI, Kerna: Sachinanad De,
27 A New Distributed Computing Framework for Data Mining,
Department of Electronics and Information Technology, Govt. of India BITS, Pilani: Navneet Goyal, Poonam Goyal, Sundar B. , BITS, Pilani
ICAR-IASRI: Sanjeev Kumar*, Sudhir Srivastava,
28. Creating a fully Characterized Genetic Resource Pipeline for Mustard Improvement programme in India. National Agricultural Science Funded, New Delhi. ICAR-IASRI: Dr.A.R.Rao*, Dr.Cini Varghese, Dr.P.K.Meher
29. Genomic data analysis to elucidate the regulatory network and candidate genes underlying cytoplasmic male sterility in pigeonpea (In collaboration with ICAR-IIPR,Kanpur). CABin Scheme. ICAR-IIPR: Abhishek Bohra*, Khela Ram Soren, Mohd. Akram,
ICAR-IASRI : M. A. Iquebal, Dinesh Kumar, Sarika, U. B. Angadi
                                                                       Sub Project Under Centre for Agricultural Bioinformatics(CABin)Scheme (Session 2017-2020)
30. Computational and experimental biology approaches for delineation of selected secondary metabolite pathways and antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) in major spices (In collaboration with ICAR-IISR, Kozhikode). CABin Scheme. ICAR-IASRI: Dr.U.B. Angadi*, Dr. Dinesh Kumar, Dr.M.A.Iquebal, Dr.Sarika ICAR-IISR: Johnson K. Greorge, P. Umadevi, T.E. Sheeja, R. Praveena, P.Umadevi, R. Sivaranjani
31. Computational approach for genomic resource improvement and precision phenotyping of less explored yield traits in wheat (In collaboration with ICAR-IIWBR, Karnal). CABin Scheme. ICAR-IASRI: Dr.Dinesh Kumar*,Dr.M. A. Iquebal, Dr.Sarika,Dr.U. B. Angadi ICAR-IIWBR: Ratan Tiwari, Pradeep Sharma, Rajender Singh, Sonia Sheoran
32. Deciphering genetic variation in the carbohydrate metabolism of farmed rohu families. (In collaboration with ICAR-CIFA, Bhubaneshwar). CABin Scheme. ICAR-IASRI: Dr.Sarika*, Dr.J.K. Sundaray*, Dr.Dinesh Kumar, Dr. M.A. Iquebal, Dr.U.B.Angad ICAR-CIFA: J.K. Sundaray, S. Nandi, K.D. Mahapatra, P.K. Meher, L. Sahoo, Kiran D. Rasal, Khuntia Murmu, U.K. Udit, A.R. Rasal
33. Identification of genetic polymorphisms for pathogenicity in Vibrio sp. (In collaboration with ICAR-CIBA, Chennai). CABin Scheme. ICAR-IASRI: Dr.M. Grover*
34. Identification of defence genes/QTLs associated with rust resistance in wheat (In collaboration with ICAR-NBPGR, New Delhi). CABin Scheme. ICAR-IASRI: Dr. Monendra Grover*, Dr.Sundeep Kumar, Dr. D.C.Mishra, Mr. Neeraj Badhlakoti, ICAR-NBPGR: Sundeep Kumar*, Amit Singh
35. Computational biology approach for deciphering transcriptome and proteomic changes in rice-microbial interaction system. CABin Scheme. ICAR-IASRI: Sanjeev Kumar*, Dr.K.K. Chaturvedi, Dr.M.S.Farooqi ICAR-NBAIM: D.P. Singh*
36. Exploring the Epigenetic Control of Heat Stress Responses in Wheat for Characterizing the Regulatory Networks Associated with Thermotolerance. CABin Scheme. ICAR-IASRI: Dr.D.C.Mishra*, Dr. Monendra Grover, Sanjeev Kumar, Dr.K.K. Chaturvedi ICAR-IARI: Dr.C. Viswanathan* , R.R. Kumar*, Suneha Goswami
37. RiceMetaSys: Understanding of Rice Gene Network for Biotic and Abiotic Stress Management through System Biology Approach. CABin Scheme. ICAR-NRCPB: Dr. Amol Kumar*, Dr.U.Solanke*, Amitha S.V. Mithra Dr.Dwijesh Chandra Mishra , Dr.K.K.Chaturvedi
38. Transcriptome analysis to decipher mechanism related to distinctive morphological phenotypes in indigenous poultry. CABin Scheme. ICAR-NBAGR: Dr.R.K.Vij* ICAR-IASRI: Dr.A.R. Rao*
39. Structural and functional genomics of potato and its pest / pathogen using bioinformatics approaches. CABin Scheme. ICAR-IASRI: Dr.A.R. Rao*, Sanjeev Kumar, Dr.D.C. Mishra, Neeraj Budhlakoti ICAR-CPRI: Dr.Shashi Rawat*
40. Studying drought-responsive genes in subtropical maize germplasm and their utility in development of tolerant maize hybrids. CABin Scheme. ICAR-IASRI:Dr.A.R. Rao*, P.K. Meher ICAR-IARI: Mallikarjuna*, M.G*
41. Metagenomic profiling for assessing microbial biodiversity in River Ganga for ecosystem health monitoring. CABin Scheme. ICAR-IASRI: Dr.A.R.Rao*, P.K. Meher ICAR-CIFRI: Dr.B.K.Behera*
42. Deciphering health biomarkers and thermo-tolerant traits by computational genomics approach in goats. CABin Scheme. ICAR-CIRG: Dr.R.S.Pawaiya* ICAR-IASRI: Dr.A.R.Rao
43. An integrative transciptomics and DNA methylomics approach to understand the dynamic features of biotic stress responses associated with mastitis in buffalos. CABin Scheme. ICAR-IASRI: Dr. M.A.Iquebal*, Dr. Dinesh Kumar, Dr. Sarika

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