Completed Institute Projects

Sl. No. Name of the Project Project Leader* and Associates
1. Development of web server for phenotype and genotype analysis for cattle breeding management (Inter-Institutional Project in Collaboration with ICAR-CIRC, Meerut). Dr. Umesh Singh*,Dr. Sushil Kumar,Dr. A.K. Das,Dr. T V Raja,Dr. Rani Alex,DR.(ICAR-IASRI, New Delhi)-U.B. Angadi,Dr. Mir Asif Iquebal,Dr. Sarika,Dr. Dinesh kumar ICAR-IASRI, New Delhi.
2. Development of an Improved Hybrid De-novo Whole Genome Assembler (Institute Project). Dr,S.B.Lal*, Sanjeev Kumar, Anu Sharma, Dr.D.C.Mishra ,Md.Samir Farooqi, Neeraj Budhlakoti ICAR-IASRI, New Delhi.
3. ICAR Consortium Research Platform on Genomics project entitled “Computational and Analytical Solutions for High-throughput Biological Data”- ICAR-IARI, New Delhi. Dr.Anil Rai*, Dr.A.R.Rao, Dr.Dinesh Kumar, Dr.D.C.Mishra, Dr.Sanjeev Kumar, Dr.K.K.Chaturvedi, Dr.Monendra Grover, ICAR-IASRI, New Delhi.
4. Platform or Integrated Genomics Warehouse. K.K.Chaturvedi, (PI), D. C. Mishra, S.B. Lal, M.S. Farooqi, Sanjeev Kumar ICAR-IASRI, New Delhi.
5. Development of 16s rDNA rumen microbes specific database. M. Bagath, Atul Kolte NIANP and  U.B. Angadi* ICAR-IASRI, New Delhi.
6. Refinement of livestock feed resources and development of Database and information system. Soumitra Jash, S. Anandan, U.B. Angadi* ICAR-IASRI, New Delhi.
7. Genomic data analysis for identification of economically important markers and viral diagnostics in pulses. Abhishek Bohra, Khela Ram Soren, Mohd. Akram, ICAR-IIPR, Kanpur and M. A. Iquebal,  Dinesh Kumar, Sarika, U. B. Angadi, ICAR-IASRI, New Delhi.
8. Molecular and computational approach to delineate metabolic pathways for better carbohydrate utilization in Labeo spp. J. K. Sundaray, S. Nandi, P. K. Mehar, L. Sahoo, Kiran D. Rasal, P. Nandanpawar,  U. K. Udit, ICAR-CIFA, Bhubaneshwar  and Sarika, Dinesh Kumar, M. A. Iquebal, U. B. Angadi,  ICAR-IASRI, New Delhi
9. Computational approach for harnessing genome information and its integration with wheat phenome for efficient varietal development. Ratan Tiwari, Pradeep Sharma, Rajender Singh,  Sonia Sheoran, ICAR-IIWBR, Kernal and Dinesh Kumar,  M. A. Iquebal, Sarika, U. B. Angadi , ICAR-IASRI, New Delhi.
10. Mining and validation of candidate gene markers and screening on antimicrobial peptides of black pepper and small cardamom. Johnson George K, P.Umadevi, PI, Saji K.V. Sharon Aravind, ICAR-IISR, Kerala and U. B. Angadi, Dinesh Kumar, M. A. Iquebal, Sarika , ICAR-IASRI, New Delh
11. Computational identification and modelling of genetic variation in relation to performance traits in buffaloes. K P Singh, S S Paul, A Jerome, S Balhara, Varij Nayan , CIRB and D.C. Mishra* , A. R. Rao, K.K. Chaturvedi, ICAR-IASRI, New Delh
12. Microbial domain research projects on computational aspects. Sanjeev Kumar , K.K. Chaturvedi, M. S. Farooqi ,ICAR-IASRI, New Delhi.
13. RiceMetaSys: Understanding rice gene network for blast resistance and drought tolerance through system biology approach. Amol kumar U. Solanke*, T.R. Sharma, Amitha S.V. Mithra, Ramawatar, ICAR-NRCPB and K.K. Chaturvedi, D. C. Mishra, ICAR-IASRI, New Delhi.
14. Identification of genetic polymorphisms for pathogenicity in Vibrio sp. Ashok kumar Jangam, ICAR-CIBA, and  M. Grover, ICAR-IASRI New Delhi.
15. Bioinformatics analysis of sequence data of brinjal and bitter gourd for identification of functional and regulatory genes for traits of economic importance. K.V. Bhat, Soma S. Marla,, A.B. Gaikwad, S. Archak, D.P. Wankhede, ICAR-NBPGR, and M. Grover, S. B. Lal, ICAR-IASRI, New Delhi.
16. Development of database on SNPs associated with economically important traits of Indian goats. R.V.S. Pawaiya*, ICAR-CIRG, and A.R.Rao, ICAR-IASRI, New Delhi.
17. Development of database repertoire for Clostridium perfiringens strains prevalent in causing Enterotoxaemia in goats. R.V.S. Pawaiya, ICAR-CIRG, and A.R.Rao, ICAR-IASRI, New Delhi.
18. Metagenomic applications and transcriptomes profiling for inland aquatic environmental health surveillance. B.K.Behera, CIFRI, Barrackpore and A.R.Rao, ICAR-IASRI, New Delhi
19. Gene Regulatory Networks Modelling For Heat Stress Responses of Source and Sink for Development of Climate Smart Wheat . Suneha Goswami , G P Singh ,P K Singh, Neelu Jain, Puja Rai , ICAR-IARI,  and D. C. Mishra, M. Grover, Sanjeev Kumar,  K. K. Chaturvedi, ICAR-IASRI, New Delhi.
20. Studying drought-responsive genes in subtropical maize germplasm and their utility in development of tolerant maize hybrids . M.M.G. Mallikarjuna, Shailendra K. Jha, ICAR-IARI, and  A.R. Rao, P. K. Meher, ICAR-IASRI, New Delhi.  
21. Development of a Tool for Comparison of Protein 3D Structure using graph theoretic approach. U.B. Angadi*, K.K. Chaturvedi, M. Grover, Sudhir Srivastava, ICAR-IASRI, New Delhi
22. Multilabel functional classification of abiotic stress related proteins in Poaceae. M. Grover*, U.B. Angadi, Sudhir Srivastava, ICAR-IASRI, New Delhi
23. Knowledge Data Warehouse for Agricultural Research Anil Rai*, P.K. Malhotra, Seema Jaggi, K.K. Chaturvedi, Prachi Misra Sahoo, Md. Samir Farooqi, ICAR-IASRI, New Delhi
24. Software for Survey Data Analysis 2.0 S.B. Lal*, Anu Sharma, V.K. Mahajan , ICAR-IASRI, New Delhi
25. Development of Gender Information System for Agriculture
(Collaboration with Directorate of Research for Women in Agriculture, Bhubneshwar)
H.K. Dash, M. Srinath, Sabita Mishra,  ICAR-DRWA, Kernal and S.B. Lal*, Anu Sharma, Anil Rai, ICAR-IASRI, New Delhi.
26. Study of Synonymous Codon Usage and its Relation with Gene Expressivity in Halophilic Bacteria  D.P. Singh, K.K. Meena, ICAR-NABIM, Mau and Md. Samir Farooqi*, D.C. Mishra, ICAR-IASRI, New Delhi.
27. Web Based Software for Codon Usage Analysis for Gene Expression Identification Anu Sharma*, S.B. Lal, D.C. Mishra, ICAR-IASRI, New Delhi
28. Forecasting Models using Functional Data Analysis and Nonlinear Support Vector Regression Techniques M.A. Iquebal*, Prajneshu ,  ICAR-IASRI, New Delhi
29. Analysis and Determination of Antimicrobial Peptides: A Machine Learning Approach Sarika*, M.A. Iquebal,  ICAR-IASRI, New Delhi
30. Algorithm for Gene Classification based on Gene Expression Data D.C. Mishra*, Sanjeev Kumar,  ICAR-IASRI, New Delhi
31. In Silico Identification of Abiotic Stress (salinity) Responsive Transcription Factors and their cis-regulatory elements in Grape Anuradha Upadhyay, Ajay Kumar Upadhyay, ICAR-NRC for Grapes, Pune and  Sarika* , ICAR-IASRI, New Delhi
32. Parallelized Workflows for Gene Prediction, Hylogenetic Analysis and Primer Designing S.B. Lal*, Anu Sharma, Sarika, ICAR-IASRI, New Delhi
33. Methodology for Protein Structure Comparison and its Web Implemantation Sudhir Srivastava*, M.N.V. Prasad Gajula (upto 31.03.2014), D.C. Mishra , S. B. Lal , ICAR-IASRI, New Delhi (w.e.f. 04.04.2014)

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