Completed Institute Projects

Sl. No. Name of the Project Project Leader* and Associates
1. Development of a Tool for Comparison of Protein 3D Structure using graph theoretic approach ICAR-IASRI: Dr.U.B. Angadi*, Dr.K.K. Chaturvedi, Dr.M. Grover, Sudhir Srivastava
2. Multilabel functional classification of abiotic stress related proteins in Poaceae ICAR-IASRI: Dr.M. Grover*, Dr.U.B. Angadi, Sudhir Srivastava
3. Knowledge Data Warehouse for Agricultural Research ICAR-IASRI: Dr.Anil Rai*, Dr. P.K. Malhotra, Seema Jaggi,Dr. K.K. Chaturvedi, Prachi Misra Sahoo, Md. Samir Farooqi
4. Software for Survey Data Analysis 2.0 ICAR-IASRI: Dr.S.B. Lal*, Dr. Anu Sharma, V.K. Mahajan
5. Development of Gender Information System for Agriculture
(Collaboration with Directorate of Research for Women in Agriculture, Bhubneshwar)
ICAR-IASRI: Dr.S.B. Lal*, Dr. Anu Sharma, Dr. Anil Rai
ICAR-DRWA, Kernal: H.K. Dash, M. Srinath, Sabita Mishra 
6. Study of Synonymous Codon Usage and its Relation with Gene Expressivity in Halophilic Bacteria   ICAR-IASRI: Md. Samir Farooqi*, Dr. D.C.Mishra
NBAIM, Mau: Dr. D.P. Singh, K.K. Meena
7. Web Based Software for Codon Usage Analysis for Gene Expression Identification ICAR-IASRI: Dr.Anu Sharma*, Dr.S.B. Lal, Dr.D.C. Mishra
8. Forecasting Models using Functional Data Analysis and Nonlinear Support Vector Regression Techniques ICAR-IASRI: Dr.M.A. Iquebal*, Prajneshu  
9. Analysis and Determination of Antimicrobial Peptides: A Machine Learning Approach ICAR-IASRI: Dr.Sarika*, Dr.M.A. Iquebal 
10. Algorithm for Gene Classification based on Gene Expression Data ICAR-IASRI: Dr.D.C. Mishra*, Sanjeev Kumar, 
11. In Silico Identification of Abiotic Stress (salinity) Responsive Transcription Factors and their cis-regulatory elements in Grape ICAR-IASRI: Dr.Sarika*
NRC for Grapes, Pune: Anuradha Upadhyay, Ajay Kumar Upadhyay
12. Parallelized Workflows for Gene Prediction, Hylogenetic Analysis and Primer Designing ICAR-IASRI: Dr.S.B. Lal*, Dr. Anu Sharma, Dr. Sarika
13. Methodology for Protein Structure Comparison and its Web Implemantation ICAR-IASRI: Sudhir Srivastava*, M.N.V. Prasad Gajula (upto 31.03.2014), Dr.D.C. Mishra , Dr.S. B. Lal
14. Platform or Integrated Genomics Warehouse ICAR-IASRI: Dr.K.K.Chaturvedi*, D. C. Mishra, S.B. Lal, M.S. Farooqi, Sanjeev Kumar
15. Non Linear Modelling For Genomic Predictions Based on Multiple Traits. ICAR-IASRI: Neeraj Budhlakoti*(till 11.09.2018), Dr.D.C. Mishra* (since 12.09.2018), Dr.S.B.Lal
16. Development of an Improved Hybrid De-novo Whole Genome Assembler. ICAR-IASRI: Dr.S.B.Lal*, Dr.Anu Sharma , Sanjeev Kumar, Neeraj Budhlakoti, Dr.D.C. Mishra
17. Discovery of novel genes and promoters responsible for salinity tolerance in Haloarcula spp. ICAR-IASRI: Dr.Monendra Grover*, Dr.D.C.Mishra
18. Development of web server for phenotype and genotype analysis for cattle breeding management (Inter-Institutional Project in Collaboration with ICAR-CIRC, Meerut). ICAR-IASRI: Dr.U.B. Angadi*, Dr.Mir Asif Iquebal, Dr.Sarika, Dr. Dinesh Kumar
19. Methodology for Trait Specific Genes Identification. ICAR-IASRI: Dr.Mohammad Samir Farooqi*, Dr.K.K.Chaturvedi, Dr.D.C.Mishra, Dr.Sudhir Srivastava
20. Machine Learning Approach for Binning of Metagenomics Data. ICAR-IASRI: Dr.Anu Sharma*, Dr.D. C. Mishra, Dr.S.B. Lal, Sanjeev Kumar

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