Ongoing Funded Projects

Sl. No. Name of the Project Funding Agency Project Leader* and Associates
1. Genomics assisted crop improvement and management. World Bank Funded (Centre of Advanced Agricultural science & Technology(CAAST) Project Under National Agricultural Higher Education Project(NAHEP) ICAR-IASRI: Dr. A.R. Rao*, Dr. Sudeep, Seema Jaggi, Anindita Datta, Soumen Pal, Sanjeev Kumar
ICAR-IARI:Dr. Viswanathan Chinnusamy
2. Germplasm Characterization and Trait Discovery in Wheat using Genomics Approaches and its Integration for Improving Climate Resilience, Productivity and Nutritional quality.
DBT ICAR-IARI:Dr. Dinesh Kumar*, Dr. M.A. Iquebal, Dr. Sarika
3. Phenomics of Moisture Deficit Stress Tolerance and Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Rice and Wheat – Phase II.
National Agricultural Science Funded , New Delhi ICAR-IARI: Viswanathan Chinnusamy*
ICAR-IASRI: Dr. Anil Rai*, Dr.A.R.Rao, Sanjeev, Dr. Anu Sharma, Dr. Sudeep
IIT New Delhi: Brejesh Lall*
ICAR-N.R.R.I.: Cuttack Padmini Swain*
4. Potential gene mining from salt tolerant grasses for improvement of salt tolerance in crops.
National Agricultural Science Funded(NASF) , New Delhi ICAR-CSSRI:Dr. Anita Mann*, Ashwani Kumar, Arvind Kumar, B. L. Meena
ICAR-IASRI: Dr. Monendra Grover*, Dr. D.C.Mishra
5. Genome and transcriptome sequencing of coriander (Coriandrum sativum) to reveal insight of its genomic architecture and breeding targets.
GSBM JAU-Junagadh: R.S. Tomar* , M. V. Parakhia, Shradda B. Bhatt
ICAR-IASRI: Dr.M.A.Iquebal*, Dr.Sarika
6. Molecular markers for improving reproduction of cattle and buffaloes .
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) ICAR-NDRI: T.K. Datta*
ICAR-CIRB:Varij Nayan*
ICAR-IASRI: Dr. Dinesh Kumar*, Dr. M.A. Iquebal*, Dr.Sarika
7. Molecular characterization, development of molecular markers and metabolite analysis of Tree bean (Parkia roxburghii) landraces of North-East India [BT/PR24912/NER/95/904/2017] .
DBT ICAR-IASRI: Dr.M.A.Iquebal*, Dr.Sarika
ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region (Gangtok Sikkim Centre): Sudip Kumar Dutta*, Ratan kumar Akoijam, Vishambhar Dayal
UBKB West Bengal: Somnath Mandal, Nandita Sahana
8. ICAR Consortium Research Platform on Genomics project entitled “Computational and Analytical Solutions for High-throughput Biological Data”- ICAR-IARI, New Delhi .
ICAR Consortium Research Platform on Genomics ICAR-IASRI:Dr.Anil Rai*, Dr.A.R.Rao, Dr.Dinesh Kumar, Dr.D.C.Mishra, Sanjeev Kumar, Dr.K.K.Chaturvedi, Dr.Monendra Grover
ICAR-NBFGR: Vindhya Mohindra
9. Improving the usability of buffalo spermatozoa by sperm surface remodeling and immune acceptance in female reproductive tract.
National Agricultural Science Funded(NASF) ICAR-IASRI: Dr.Sarika,* Dr.M.A.Iquebal, Dr.Dinesh Kumar
ICAR-NDRI: T.K. Datta*, Rakesh Kumar, S.M. Deb, T.K. Mohanty, J.K. Kaushik
10. Characterization, Evaluation, Genetic Enhancement and Generation of Genomic Resources for Accelerated Utilization and Improvement of Minor Pulses .
DBT Funded ICAR-IASRI: Sanjeev Kumar, Dr.Anu Sharma
11. ICAR Network Project on Functional Genomics and Genetic Modification (Earlier ICAR Network Project on Transgenic in Crops-II.
ICAR-NRCPB-Sub-Scheme ICAR-IASRI:Dr. M.A. Iquebal*, Dr. Sarika, Dr.Dinesh Kumar, Dr. Anil Rai
12. Integrated sample survey solution for major livestock products.
ICAR ICAR-IASRI:Dr. Prachi Mishra sahu*, Dr. S.B Lal, Dr. Anil Rai
13. Mainstreaming rice landraces diversity in varietal development through genome wide association studies: A model for large-scale utilization of gene bank collections of rice
DBT ICAR-IARI:Dr. Sarika*, Dr. Dinesh Kumar, Dr. M.A. Iquebal
14. Mainstreaming of Sesame germplasm for productivity enhancement through genomics assisted core development and trait discovery
DBT ICAR-IARI:Dr. Angadi UB*, Dr. Dinesh Kumar, Dr. Dwijesh Mishra
15. Explicating genomic insights of Indigenous equines breed population through Computational Genomics and Artificial Intelligence based approaches
DBT ICAR-NRCE: Dr. Anuradha Bhardwaj and Dr. Yash Pal ICAR-IASRI: Dr. Sarika, Dr. Mir Asif Iquebal and Dr. Dinesh Kumar
16. Centre for Agricultural Bioinformatics (CABin) Scheme: Network Project on Agricultural Bioinformatics and Computational Biology.
            Sub Project Under Centre for Agricultural Bioinformatics(CABin)Scheme (Session 2020-2025)
16.I. Genome Manipulation for the Management of Important Agricultural Insect Pests with NBAIR CABin Scheme ICAR-IASRI: Dr.Anu Sharma* , Sanjeev Kumar , Dr. Sudhir Srivastava
16.II. Microbiome meta-transcriptomics assessment of Indian river basins for ecosystem health monitoring with CIFRI CABin Scheme ICAR-IASRI: Dr.Anu Sharma* , Md. Samir Farooqi , Dr. D.C Mishra
16.III. Proteomics and metabolomics of stress-challenged tomato for functional metabolic clues of plant responses, crop quality and yield” with ICAR-IIVR CABin Scheme ICAR IASRI:Dr.K.K. Chaturvedi* , Mohammad Samir Farooqi , Dr.Sudheer Srivastava
ICAR-IIVR:Dr. D P Singh , Dr. Sudarshan , Dr.Y.Suresh Reddy
16.IV. Comparative Genome Analysis of Indian Chicken Breeds” with ICAR-NBAGR. CABin Scheme ICAR-IASRI:Dr. S.B.Lal* , Dr. D.C Mishra , Md. Samir Farooqi , Dr.Sudhir Srivastava
ICAR-NBAGR:R.K.Vijh , Reena Arora , Jaya Kumar, Sonika Ahlawat ,
16.V. Study on expression QTL (e-QTL), epigenomics in relation to health and production traits in livestock” with ICAR-IVRI. CABin Scheme ICAR-IASRI:Dr.Sudhir Srivastava* , Dr.Neeraj Budhlakoti
16.VI. Genomic-Assisted Identification of trait specific markers of major biotic and abiotic stress development of core collection of black-pepper CABin Scheme ICAR IASRI: Dr. U.B Angadi* , Dr. Sunil Kumar
16.VII. Identification of genes/ genomic regions associated with Fusarium head blight resistance in wheat. CABin Scheme ICAR IASRI: Dr. D.C. Mishra*, Dr. M. Grover, Dr. Neeraj Budhlakoti
16.VIII. Exploring the Molecular Regulatory Networks of Nutrient Use Efficiency and Grain in Quality in Wheat under Elevated Carbon Dioxide and Heat Stress for Developing Climate Resilient Wheat. CABin Scheme ICAR IASRI: Dr. D.C. Mishra*, Dr. K.K Chaturbedi, Dr. Neeraj Budhlakoti
16.IX. Identification and Validation of Genes and Regulatory Elements for Combined Drought and Heat stress Tolerance through System Biology Approaches in Maize. CABin Scheme ICAR IASRI: Dr. D.C. Mishra*, Dr. Sarika Sahu
16.X. Investigations on dietary alterations in shrimp for abiotic stresses using nutrigenomics approach. CABin Scheme ICAR IASRI: Dr. M. Grover*
16.XI. Development of epsilon toxin based Novel vaccine against enterotoxaemia in goats: A bioinformatics assisted reverse vaccinology approach. CABin Scheme ICAR IASRI: Dr. Sunil Kumar*, Dr. U.B. Angadi, Dr. M.A Iquebal
16.XII. Development of epsilon toxin based Novel vaccine against enterotoxaemia in goats: A bioinformatics assisted reverse vaccinology approach. CABin Scheme ICAR IASRI: Dr. Sunil Kumar*, Dr. U.B. Angadi, Dr. M.A Iquebal
16.XIII. RiceMetaSys: Understanding of Rice Gene Network for Biotic and Abiotic Stress Management through System Biology Approach. CABin Scheme ICAR IASRI: Dr. D.C. Mishra*, Dr. K.K Chaturbedi
16.XIV. Computational genomics guided accentuating genetic architecture of key traits in wheat and its validation. CABin Scheme ICAR IASRI: Dr. Dinesh Kumar* Dr M.A Iquebal, Dr. Sarika
16.XV. Investigation of kev transcripts and regulatory network associated with reproductive biology and medicinal value of striped murrel (Channa striata) using Omics approaches. CABin Scheme ICAR IASRI: Dr. Sarika*, Dr. Dinesh Kumar
16.XVI. Development of epsilon toxin based Novel vaccine against enterotoxaemia in goats: A bioinformatics assisted reverse vaccinology approach (ICAR-CIRG) CABin Scheme ICAR IASRI: Dr. Sunil Kumar*,Dr. UB Angadi, Dr. Mir Asif Iquebal
16.XVII. Immunoreagent design, drug discovery and –omics approaches for buffalo production and reproduction. CABin Scheme ICAR IASRI: Dr. M.A Iquebal*, Dr. Ratna Prabha
16.XVIII. Understanding genomic factors responsible for growth performance in Clarias magur. CABin Scheme ICAR IASRI: Dr. K.K Chaturbedi* , Dr. S.B. Lal, Dr. Niraj Budhlakoti
16.XIX. Development of ML and ANN-based breed and individual identification system for equine population. CABin Scheme ICAR IASRI: Dr. Ratna Prabha *, Dr. Sarika Jaiswal
16.XX. Meta-Analysis and computational approach for biomolecular interactions profiling of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum–Brassica pathosystem. CABin Scheme ICAR IASRI: Dr. Niraj Budhlakoti*, Dr. DC Mishra, Dr. SB Lal
16.XXI. Genomics-assisted identification of trait-specific markers for major biotic and abiotic stresses and development of core collections of black pepper.(ICAR-IISR) CABin Scheme ICAR IASRI: Dr. Sunil Kumar*, Dr UB Angadi,
16.XXII. Structural and functional genomics of potato and its pest / pathogen using bioinformatics approaches. CABin Scheme ICAR IASRI: Sanjeev Kumar*, Dr. D.C Mishra, Sarika Sahu
16.XXIII. Computational approaches to decipher the core microbiome of wheat rhizosphere associated with nutrient cycling and disease suppression from Indo Gangetic Plains (IGP) in India. CABin Scheme ICAR IASRI: Dr. Anu Sharma*, Dr. Samir Farooqi, Dr. Sudhir Srivastava

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