Sl. No. Name of the Tool Url/Detail
1. GOMI: A model Web tool for identification of any domestic animal species using DNA markers.
2. BISGoat: A tool for breed prediction of Goat
3. BISCattle: Breed Identification Server for Cattle
4. FishAMP: A tool for prediction fish AMPs fishamp/
5. CattleAMP: A tool for prediction fish AMPs
6. DIRProt: An online software for discriminating the insecticide resistance proteins from non-resistant proteins.
7. iAMPpred: Software for improved prediction of Antimicrobial peptides
8. ir-HSP: Software for improved recognition of Heat Shock Proteins (HSP) and their families
9. SPIDBAR: Software - Species Identification using DNA Barcode
10. MaLDoSS: Software - A web server for Donor Splice Site Prediction using Machine Learning Approaches
11. DCDNC: Software - Discrimination of coding sequence (CDS) from non-coding sequence
12. BGIS: Buffalo Genome Information System
13. SPRMD: Software - A Statistical Package for cataloguing and generation of Repeated Measurements Designs A Statistical Package for cataloguing and generation of Repeated Measurements Designs A user-friendly software in Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 for Windows XP/2000/NT environment has been developed for the analysis of repeated measurements designs.
14. nifPred: Software -A webserver for prediction of nitrogen fixation genes
15. HRGPred: Software-A software for prediction of herbicide resistant genes.
16. PolyMorphPredict: Polymorphism detection tool
17. VISTa: The SNP based Variety Identification System for Triticum aestivum (Wheat)
18. TamiRPred: Putative miRNA discovery tool in wheat (Triticum aestivum)
19. Mobile App “Feed Guide”
20. WDRoTdb: Wheat Drought Root Transcriptome Database It has been developed to address the complexities in ration balancing based on the nutrient requirements for different categories of livestock, nutrient composition of wide range of feed resources and the cost. It does not require much expertise to operate and enables the farmers to formulate least cost rations for different categories of livestock using locally available feed resources. This is in multi-lingual such as English, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil and Oriya.

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