Dr. K. K. Chaturvedi
Dr. K. K. Chaturvedi
Principal Scientist
kk.chaturvedi@icar.gov.in, kkcchaturvedi@gmail.com
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Research Interest

  • Mining Software and Biological Repositories
  • Data Structures and Parallel Algorithm Development
  • Database, Data Warehousing, Decision Support System and Data Mining
  • Artificial Intelligence and Precision Agriculture
  • Computational Biology and Bioinformatics


  • Principles of Computer Programming
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Data Warehousing
  • Data Warehousing & Data Mining
  • Advances in Data Warehousing
  • Software Engineering
  • Advanced Programming in Bioinformatics
  • Parallel Programming and Algorithm Development
  • Graph Theory and Applications
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Biological Data Integration and Quality Control
  • Seminar (Computer Applications and Bioinformatics)

Research Guidance

  • Currently guiding Two Doctoral students (As Chairman) and One Doctoral students (As Co-Chairman) in the Discipline of Computer Application, Post Graduate School, Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), New Delhi, India.

  • Guiding Two M.Sc. Degree students as Co-Chairman in the Discipline of Computer Application, Post Graduate School, Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), New Delhi, India.

  • Guided Two M.Sc. Degree students as Chairman and Five M.Sc. students as Co-Chairman in the Discipline of Computer Application, Post Graduate School, Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), New Delhi, India.

  • Member Advisory Committee for several M.Sc. and Ph.D. students of different disciplines, viz., Agricultural Statistics, Computer Application, Bioinformatics, Agricultural Physics, Post Harvest Technology, Agricultural Extension and Agricultural Engineering, at Post Graduate School, IARI, New Delhi, India.

  • Guiding Masters Degree students in their project work as a part of their internship.

Important Research Projects

  • Development of statistical and computational approach for preprocessing and analysing high-throughput proteomics data with missing values

  • Methodology for Trait Specific Genes Identification

  • Platform for Integrated Genomics Warehouse

  • Research projects (Three Sub projects) under Centre for Agricultutral Bioinformatics (CABin) Scheme “Agricultural Bioinformatics and Computational Biology” funded by ICAR, New Delhi (2017-2020)

  • Research projects (Four Sub projects) under Centre for Agricultutral Bioinformatics (CABin) Scheme “Agricultural Bioinformatics and Computational Biology” funded by ICAR, New Delhi (2014-2017)

  • Computational and Analytical Solutions for High-throughput Biological Data under ICAR Consortium Research Platform on Genomics

  • Development of a Tool for Comparison of Protein 3D Structure using graph theoretic approach

  • Establishment of National Agricultural Bioinformatics Grid in ICAR . Funded by NAIP

  • Visioning Policy Analysis and Gender (VPAGe). Funded by NAIP: (a) Technology Forecasting and (b) Market Intelligence

  • Risk Assessment and Insurance products in Agriculture. Funded by NAIP

  • E-learning solution for Agricultural Education in India

  • Development of Knowledge Data Warehouse for Agricultural Research

  • National Information System for Agricultural Education Network in India (Nisagenet)

  • Strengthening, Refining and Implementation of Expert System on Wheat Crop Management

  • Assessment of Post harvest Losses of Crops/Commodities. Funded by AICRP Project.

  • National Information System for Agricultural Education Network in India (Nisagenet). Funded by AP-Cess, ICAR.

  • Development of Expert System on Wheat Crop Management (EXOWHEM)

  • Integrated National Agricultural Resources Information System (INARIS) NATP- Mission mode project.

Training Activities

  • Course Coordinator “Software and Tools for Bioinformatics” during 11th to 13th Jan 2021.

  • Co-Course Coordinator “कृषि जैव सूचना में टूल्स और तकनीकियों का अवलोकन” during 14th to 16th Dec 2020.

  • Course Co-Coordinator of the Hindi Karyashala “Computational and Statistical Techniques for Agricultural Bioinformatics” during 5th to 7th March 2020.

  • Course Co-Coordinator of the HRM Sponsored training program “Recent Advances of Bioinformatics in Agricultural Research: A Practical Perspective” during 12th Dec. to 21st Dec 2019.

  • Co-ordinator, “HPC Administration” Training at ICAR-IASRI, New Delhi on 29th April 2019.

  • Co-ordinator, “HPC Management” Training for Upgraded Cluster on 3rd May, 2019 at ICAR-IASRI New Delhi

  • Co-ordinator, “HPC Storage for Upgraded Cluster” training on 8th May, 2019 at ICAR-IASRI New Delhi

  • Co-ordinator, “Job submission, administration and Analytics of HPC” training on 24th July 2019 at ICAR-IASRI New Delhi

  • Organized a meeting under the chairmanship of ADG (ICT) with Computer Scientists of the institute on 19th July 2019 in the institute to discuss AI applications in Agriculture

  • Course Coordinator of the CAFT training program “Recent advances in Agricultural Bioinformatics: Big Data Analytics Perspectives” during 14th Nov to 4th Dec 2018.

  • Course Co-Director of the CAFT training program on Advance Computational and statistical tools for ‘Omics’ data analysis during 1st Dec-21st Dec 2016.

  • Course Co-ordinator of the NAIP training program on Oracle Database 11g: Administration during 19th May - 23rd May 2014

  • Course Co-Director of the CAFT training program on Computational and statistical advances in bioinformatics for ‘Omics’ data during 21st Jan-10th Feb 2014.

  • Course Co-ordinator for training on High Performance Computing at IASRI New Delhi during 12th to 17th May 2014.

  • Course Director for 21 days training on Development of Portals Using LAMP Technology" under the aegis of Center of Advanced Studies (CAS) during 1st Feb 2006 to 21st Feb 2006.

  • Delivering/Delivered lectures and conducting practicals in various sponsored training programs.

Foreign Visit

  • Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, USA
  • IOWA State University of Science and Technology, Ames, Iowa, USA

Awards, Honours and Recognitions

  • Mentor and Jury Member for Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC), Rajkiya Engineering College Banda (U.P.) is organizing a TEQIP-III sponsored 24 hour Hackathon event “HackTech” from 6-7th Sept,2019.

  • Received appreciation letter for significant contribution as a resource person in the training “Next Generation Sequence Data Analysis” held at AAU, Assam during 14-16, March, 2019.

  • Received Krishi Vigyan Gaurav Puruskar in 2018 by Bhartiya Krishi Ansandhan Patrika on submission of an article in Hindi.

  • Received Distinguished Scientist Award, International Conference on Global Research Initiatives Sustainable Agriculuture and Allied Sciences (GRISAAS-2017) during 02-04 Dec. 2017 at MPUA&T Udaipur by Society for Scientific Development in Agriculture and Technology, Meerut (SSDAT)

  • Received Third prize in the paper presentation pratiyogita for Paper entitled “Identification of Micro RNA in pigeon Pea through computational approaches” by Anu Sharma, Jyotika Bhati, S B Lal, K K Chaturvedi, M S Farooqi and Anil Rai at ICAR-IASRI, New Delhi on 11th Sept 2017.

  • Fellowship Award, Society for Scientific Development in Agriculture and Technology, Meerut (UP) India in 2013.

  • Scientist of the Year Award, Society for Recent Development in Agriculture on the occasion of National Symposium on “Scenario of Agriculture in Changing Climatic Conditions” held on Oct 18, 2008 at SVBP University of Agriculture & Technology, Meerut.

  • South Asia Manthan Award, Project “Expert System on Wheat Crop Management” by Digital Empowerment Foundation in 2009.

  • Praise-Reward for Excellent Performance under ICAR Institute Category for the stall of “Computer Application, IASRI” in Krishi Vigyan Mela at IARI New Delhi during 4-6 March 2010.

  • Appreciation letter from DDG (Agricultutral Engineering) for the contributions made as a team member in the Data warehouse project "Integrated National Agricultural Resources Information System" in 2005.

  • First prize in the poster pratiyogita for Paper entitled “Expert system for selection of wheat varieties in Hindi” at IASRI, New Delhi on 12th Sept 2009.

  • Membership certificate of honours for valued reviewer from International Jounral of Bioinformatics Research on 15th June 2017.

  • Session Chair, Software Engineering and Testing of 5th International Conference on Reliability, Infocom Technologies and. Optimization (ICRITO 2016). (Trends and Future directions) during 7-9th Sep. 2016 at AIIT, Amity University, Noida.

  • Session Chair, IT Applications of 4th International Conference on Reliability, Infocom Technologies and. Optimization (ICRITO 2015). (Trends and Future directions) during 2-4th Sep. 2015 at AIIT, Amity University, Noida.

  • Faculty Member and Research Guide in the disciplines of Computer Applications and Bioinformatics at PG School, ICAR-IARI, New Delhi.

  • Invited speaker for many talks and delivered lectures outside and within the Institute.

Important Publications

  • Das, P., Grover, M., Mishra, D.C., Majumdar, S.G., Kumar, S., Chaturvedi, K.K., Bhardwaj, S.C., Singh, A.K. and Rai, A. (2023). Genome-wide identification and characterization of Puccinia striiformisresponsive lncRNAs in Triticum aestivum. Frontiers in Plant Science, section Plant Bioinformatics. Volume 14 - 2023 iconpdf

  • Sonkusale, L., Chaturvedi, K.K., Sharma, A., Lama, A., Farooqi, M.S., Lal, S.B., Joshi, P., Mishra, D.C., and Kumar, M.(2023). Evaluating Text Preprocessing Methods for Discovering Quality Topics to Improve the Information Retrieval Mechanism. Acta Scientific COMPUTER SCIENCES, 5(9), pp. 03-08. iconpdf

  • Sikka P., Singh K P, Singh I., Balhara, A., Chaturvedi, K.K., Andonissamy, J., Mishra, D.C., Rao, A.R., Paul, S.S, Rai, A. (2023). Whole blood Transcriptome in Murrah Lactating Buffaloes divergent to contrasting genetic merits for Milk Yield. Frontiers in Animal Science, section Animal Physiology and Management. 4:1135429. iconpdf

  • Sikka, P., Paul, S.S., Jerome, A., Mishra, D,C, Chaturvedi, K.K., Singh, I., Rai, A. (2023). Functional Genes in Relation to Residual Feed Intake in Murrah Buffalo Heifers. Advances in Bioscience and Biotechnology, 2023, 14, 210-236 iconpdf

  • Mishra, D,C., Bhati, J., Yadav, S., Awasthi, H., Sikka, P., Jerome, A., Balhara, A.K., Rai, A., Chaturvedi, K.K. (2023). Comparative expression analysis of Water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) to identify genes associated with economically important traits. Frontiers in Veterinary Sciences, Section: Livestock Genomics. iconpdf

  • Singh, D. P., Bisen, M. S., Prabha, R., Maurya, S., Yerasu, S. R., Shukla, R., Tiwari, J. K., Chaturvedi, K.K., Farooqi, Md. S., Srivastava, S., Rai, A., Sarma, B. K., Rai, N., Singh, P. M., Behera, T. K., & Farag, M. A. (2023). Untargeted Metabolomics of Alternaria solani-Challenged Wild Tomato Species Solanum cheesmaniae Revealed Key Metabolite Biomarkers and Insight into Altered Metabolic Pathways. Metabolites, 13(5), 585. iconpdf

  • Srivastava, S., Merchant, M., McClain J. Craig, Rai, A., Chaturvedi, K.K., Angadi, U.B., Mishra, C.D. and Rai N. Shesh* (2023). Advanced Multivariable Statistical Analysis Interactive Tool for Handling Missing Data and Confounding Covariates for Label-free LC-MS Proteomics Experiments, Current Bioinformatics,18(5). iconpdf

  • Priyadarshi, M.B., Sharma, A., Chaturvedi, K.K., Bhardwaj, R., Lal, S.B., Farooqi, M.S., Kumar, S., Mishra, D.C, Singh, M. (2023). Comparing various machine learning algorithms for sugar prediction in chickpea using near-infrared spectroscopy. Legume Research-An International Journal . Volume 46, Issues 02, Pages 251-256. iconpdf

  • Das, P, Grover, M, Chauhan, D, Mishra, D.C., Kumar, S, Chaturvedi, K.K., Bhardwaj, S.C., Singh, A.K., Rai,A. Comparative transcriptome analysis of wheat isogenic lines provides insights into genes and pathways associated with stripe rust resistance. Indian Journal of Genetics and Plant Breeding. Volume 83, Issues 01, Pages 52-58. iconpdf

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