Mohammad Samir Farooqi
Mohammad Samir Farooqi

Research Interest

  • Bioinformatics
  • Data Warehousing and Data Mining
  • GIS and Remote Sensing Techniques
  • Information System
  • Decision Support System
  • Expert System


  • Data Analysis in Agriculture
  • System Analysis and Design
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • GIS and Remote Sensing techniques
  • Data Warehousing and Data Mining

Important Projects

  • Study of Synonymous Codon Usage and its Relation with Gene Expressivity in Halophilic Bacteria. (Aug 2011-Jan 2013), as Principal Investigator

  • Establishment of National Agricultural Bioinformatics Grid in ICAR (Apr 2010-Mar 2013), as Co- Investigator
  • Strengthening Statistical Computing for NARS. (Apr 2010- Mar 2013), as Co- Investigator
  • Microbial domain research projects on computational aspects.

  • Knowledge Data Warehouse for Agricultural Research

  • Study of Synonymous Codon Usage and its Relation with Gene Expressivity in Halophilic Bacteria

  • Platform or Integrated Genomics Warehouse

  • Computational biology approach for deciphering transcriptome and proteomic changes in rice-microbial interaction system.

  • Methodology for Trait Specific Genes Identification.

Awards and Honours

  • Appointed member of Board of Studies (Computer Application) of PG School, IARI.
  • Appointed reviewer by the journal Annals of Data Science to review the manuscript.
  • Appointed reviewer by the journal Biologia Plantarum to review the manuscript.

Training Organized

  • Lectures Delivered in trainings/Workshop: 120
  • Conference/Training/workshop/Kisan Mela attended: 35
  • Refresher Courses/Summer Institute attended: 2

Important Publications

  • Sonkusale, L., Chaturvedi, K.K., Sharma, A., Lama, A., Farooqi, M.S., Lal, S.B., Joshi, P., Mishra, D.C., and Kumar, M.(2023). Evaluating Text Preprocessing Methods for Discovering Quality Topics to Improve the Information Retrieval Mechanism. Acta Scientific COMPUTER SCIENCES, 5(9), pp. 03-08. iconpdf

  • Ahlawat, S., Arora, R., Sharma, R., Chhabra, P., Kumar, A., Kaur, M., Lal, S.B., Mishra, D.C.,Farooqi, M.S. and Srivastava, S. (2023). Revelation of genes associated with energy generating metabolic pathways in the fighter type Aseel chicken of India through skeletal muscle transcriptome sequencing. Animal Biotechnology iconpdf

  • Arora, R., Sharma, R., Ahlawat, S., Chhabra, P., Kumar, A., Kaur, M., Vijh, R.K., Lal, S.B., Mishra, D.C., Farooqi, M.S., and Srivastava, S., (2023). Transcriptomics reveals key genes responsible for functional diversity in pectoralis major muscles of native black Kadaknath and broiler chicken. 3 Biotech, 13, 253. iconpdf

  • Kumar, M., Ansari, W.A,. Zeyad, M.T. Singh, A., Chakdar, H., Kumar, A., Farooqi, M.S., Sharma, A. Srivastava, S., and Kumar. A.(2023) Core microbiota of wheat rhizosphere under Upper Indo-Gangetic plains and their response to soil physicochemical properties, Frontiers in Plant Science,VOLUME 14 iconpdf

  • Singh, D. P., Bisen, M. S., Prabha, R., Maurya, S., Yerasu, S. R., Shukla, R., Tiwari, J. K., Chaturvedi, K. K., Farooqi, M.S., Srivastava, S., Rai, A., Sarma, B. K., Rai, N., Singh, P. M., Behera, T. K., & Farag, M. A. (2023). Untargeted Metabolomics of Alternaria solani-Challenged Wild Tomato Species Solanum cheesmaniae Revealed Key Metabolite Biomarkers and Insight into Altered Metabolic Pathways. Metabolites, 13(5), 585. iconpdf

  • Priyadarshi, M.B., Sharma, A., Chaturvedi, K.K., Bhardwaj, R., Lal, S.B., Farooqi, M.S., Kumar, S., Mishra, D.C, Singh, M. (2023). Comparing various machine learning algorithms for sugar prediction in chickpea using near-infrared spectroscopy. Legume Research-An International Journal . Volume 46, Issues 02, Pages 251-256. iconpdf

  • Sharma, R., Arora, R., Ahlawat, S., Chhabra, P., Kumar, A., Kaur, M., Lal, S. B., Mishra, D. C., Farooqi, M.S., & Srivastava, S. (2023). Study on the muscle transcriptome of two diverse Indian backyard poultry breeds acclimatized to different agro-ecological conditions. Molecular biology reports, 10.1007/s11033-022-08223-1. Advance online publication. iconpdf

  • Priyadarshi, M. B., Sharma, A., Chaturvedi, K.K., Bhardwaj, R., Lal, S.B., Farooqi, M.S., Kumar, S., Mishra, D.C., Singh, M. (2022). Machine Learning Algorithms for Protein Physicochemical Component Prediction Using Near Infrared Spectroscopy in Chickpea Germplasm. Indian J. Plant Genet. Resour. 35(1): 44–48. iconpdf

  • Sinha, D., Sharma, A., Mishra, D.C., Rai, A., Lal, S.B., Kumar, S.,Farooqi, M.S., Chaturvedi, K.K.(2022). MetaConClust - Unsupervised Binning of Metagenomics Data Using Consensus Clustering. Current Genomicsiconpdf

  • Kumar, V., Sharma, A., Lal, S.B., Chaturvedi, K.K., Farooqi, M.S., Mishra, D.C., Sonkusale, L. and Kumar, R. Comparative analysis of genome browser for visualization of genetic variants. The Pharma Innovation Journal. AP-11(3):384-388. iconpdf

  • Mishra, D.C., Arora, D., Budhlakoti, N., Solanke, A.U., Mithra, S., Kumar, A., Pandey, P.S., Srivastava, S., Kumar, S., Farooqi, M.S., Lal, S.B., Rai, A., & Chaturvedi, K.K. (2022). Identification of Potential Cytokinin Responsive Key Genes in Rice Treated With Trans-Zeatin Through Systems Biology Approach. Frontiers in genetics, 12, 780599.iconpdf

  • Kumar, S., Bhati, J., Saha, A., Lal, S.B., Pandey, P.K., Mishra, D.C., Farooqi, M.S., Kumar, A., Chaturvedi, K.K., Rai, A.(2022). CerealESTDb: A comprehensive resource for abiotic stress responsive annotated ESTs with predicted genes, gene ontology and metabolic pathways in major cereal crops. Frontiers in Genetics, section Plant Genomics. doi: iconpdf

  • Sharma, N.K., Mishra, D.C., Farooqi, M.S., Budhlakoti, N., Chaturvedi, K.K., Das, S., Kumar, A. and Rai, A., (2021). Algorithm for selection of informative genes using gene expression data. International Journal of Agricultural and Statistical Sciences. iconpdf

  • Farooqi, M.S., Kumar, D., Mishra, D.C., Rai, A. and Singh, N.K. (2021) ‘A hybrid method for differentially expressed genes identification and ranking from RNA-Seq data’, Int. J. Bioinformatics Research and Applications, Vol. 17, No. 1, pp.38–52 iconpdf

  • Farooqi, M.S, and Kumar, D., (2020), “Moments Properties Of Exponentiated Exponential-Geometric Distribution Based On Generalized Order Statistics ", Journal of Applied Probability and Statistics, Vol. 15, No. 2, pp. 01-18.

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